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Individual Project

October - December 2022 

The University of Edinburgh

Brief: Design a drinking or eating vessel that combines traditional craftsmanship with digital-making skills, offering a unique perspective on conventional vessel design and focusing on incorporating a specific craft approach.  


Brew is an innovative coffee maker that seamlessly blends traditional and digital craftsmanship. Designed for individuals on the move or active travellers such as campers and van lifers, it offers a lightweight, portable, and compact brewing solution. This versatile coffee maker is comprised of two components: a stainless steel base and a filter top that securely holds the coffee filter and grounds. When both parts are collapsed and combined, they form a 5 cm tall cylinder, effortlessly storable and transportable in your bag or attached to it.


As part of the New Making course, the project aimed to create a product that bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and digital skills. To achieve this, I practised metalworking skills involving cutting and welding, while also employing CAD (Fusion 360) to design and test 3D-printed iterations with diverse filaments. The end result is a product that not only boasts an efficient and compact folding mechanism but also combines elements of traditional and modern design.

My initial project focus was on applying origami foldable techniques to reinvent the Bialetti Moka Express which has a timeless faceted design style which is very geometrical and structured. 

The redesign entailed laser-cutting a copper sheet to form geometric components of the coffee pot, which were then microwelded together to complete the new design.

The inspiration for Brew, a collapsible pour-over coffee maker, stemmed from the mini project of reimagining the Bialetti Moka Express. Brew presents the concept of collapsible cylinders, referred to as a telescopic structure, to create an expandable and collapsible coffee brewing device.

Brew consists of two components: the upper filter portion is a food-safe PET-G design, simulated and 3D printed using CAD. The lower liquid collector component is made from stainless steel in a reverse telescopic construction. It involved cutting a tapered tube, assembling the parts, and welding them together.

The Brew Guide

1. Uncollapse both parts. 


2. Place the top part on the bottom one. 

3. Place a coffee filter in the top part. Make sure it fits snugly. 


4. Pour your ground coffee into the filter. 

5. Pour boiling water, enough to cover the ground coffee.

6. Wait for the coffee to brew.

7. Enjoy your cup of coffee!

Brew is ideal for users who are always on the go, travelling or camping. The coffee maker collapse to a small 50x90 mm device that can be easily stashed or attached to your bag!

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