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Individual Project
January - May 2021 

The University of Edinburgh 

Brief: Create a stylish, lightweight, and compact DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio, exploring the design of improved and enhanced acoustics, portability, and incorporating analogue or interactive radio controls.


FoldiFi is a waterproof radio speaker that combines compactness, portability, functionality, and an analogue-inspired design. The concept for the FoldiFi radio was sparked by the foldable structure of a simple water bottle. I explored how acoustics could be incorporated into collapsible designs, specifically focusing on amplifying sound within these structures.

FoldiFi emphasizes the analogue interaction between the user and the device's interface. By engaging in a series of actions such as squeezing, and turning the radios controls, users can adjust the volume, control tunes and channels, and power the device on and off. Unfolding and folding the radio reveals an inner mesh part, serving as the on/off mechanism. Music enthusiasts can enjoy FoldiFi as a radio or use the Bluetooth control at the back to connect and use the device as a speaker. FoldiFi also offers effortless portability, as the radio speaker can be conveniently attached to a bag or bike, or carried in a bag compartment and convenient wireless charging. 

The Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio should be suitable for both home and outdoor settings, ensuring seamless integration in any environment.

My radio's design drew inspiration from analogue DAB radio models like Dieter Rams' RT 20 for Braun. I wanted to create an attractive, user-friendly radio for all ages, merging analogue features with a digital interface and a distinctive folding structure.

I explored symbol choices for the radio controls, opting for universally recognized signs that align with effective usability principles.

The interactive controls for turning the radio on and off, and pausing the music are activated by folding and unfolding the radio. 

Folded = Off

Semi-Folded = Paused

Unfolded = On 

The radio includes a wireless battery charger for convenient at-home charging and a protective cap that safeguards the speaker while allowing easy portability.

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