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Team Project

January - May 2022

The University of Edinburgh

Brief: Design an interactive lighting installation using electronics and sensors for prototyping, encouraging unique interactions with or through light. Tailored for specific social contexts, the installation or standalone light responds dynamically to people, actions, or activities.

XOXO is an interactive lighting game designed by myself and my course-mate, Daniel Torres, for our second-year electronics course. Inspired by the classic noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) game, our creation features a 3x3 grid of glass boxes integrated into an up-cycled IKEA coffee table. The boxes are illuminated using a game button console, initiating the game with different coloured lights. Powered by an Arduino Uno kit, XOXO supports single-player, two-player, and player vs. NPC modes. Unlike traditional noughts and crosses, our game assigns colours to players, who must light up boxes to form three in a row vertically, diagonally, or horizontally to win.


XOXO is the ideal addition to your child's room, offering interactivity, fun, and the opportunity to play with friends and family. It also encourages the development of memory and colour association skills in younger children. 


We deliberated on three primary player-game interaction modes: a dual-player console, a table-style game, or a wall-mounted single-player version.

The game comprises of a push-button analogue-powered control circuit and a daisy-chained neopixel ring formation linked to the console.

The game's was made in three steps: blowing the glass boxes, soldering all electronics and test running our code, and assembling all on an refurbished IKEA table.

Our glass interactive tic-tac-toe game…

can be played with one player or multiple players. 


restarts the game by itself so players can play multiple rounds. 


is easily portable and can be played anywhere - in a museum, a cafe, at school or at home!


can be played in multiple colour variations. 


can be played in the dark. 


can be played by users of all ages! 

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