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Smart Handle 

Individual Project

April 2020

Design Proposal for TU/e

Brief: Create a proposal for a smart home system or product aimed at promoting a healthy home and lifestyle, emphasizing awareness and comfort.

Smart Handle is a design concept for an integrated smart system in a window handle, intended for a healthy home environment. Its purpose is to provide guidance on the optimal time to ventilate your home. By utilizing air quality monitors in your city and accessing data through your internet server, the Smart Handle indicates the current air quality index (AQI) outside. A red glow indicates an AQI above 100, signalling unfavourable conditions for airing your household, while a green glow indicates when it is safe to open your windows.

Through this project, my aim was to explore ways to enhance smart homes in anticipation of the rapidly evolving future and prioritize our planet's well-being. The Smart Handle offers assistance to individuals residing in heavily polluted cities such as New York, Delhi, Doha, Hanoi, and others, enabling them to access fresh, clean air within their homes without solely relying on air conditioning systems. 

Smart Window Handles

Operation Scheme 

How does the smart handle work? 

If the LED light on the handle glows red then the AQI (air quality index) is high (around 100), i.e. air is polluted, if it glows green, then the air quality is acceptable (below 50) and it’s safe to open your window. 

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Other options include using air quality apps like AirLief or AirVisual daily or installing a home air quality monitor. However, these alternatives are less precise than the Smart Handle, which offers real-time ventilation control without the need for constant app monitoring.

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