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Individual Project 

October - December 2021
The University of Edinburgh

Brief: Source an object for an object autopsy, disassembling and analysing its design and semantic qualities. Use these insights to create a redesigned object offering a fresh perspective on the original design. 


Tubi presents a fresh perspective on the traditional DSLR camera. It takes the form of a cylindrical tube, offering a change from the conventional square-shaped design. With simplified camera settings, a digital screen, and an easily attachable part, Tubi aims to provide a portable and user-friendly photography experience. The intuitively operated interface is designed to accommodate individuals with limited hand strength.

Zooming in and out is achieved by twisting the top section of the camera, providing a tactile and effortless control mechanism. The camera's main body is made from biodegradable PLA material, utilizing 3D printing technology. This eco-friendly approach ensures that parts of the camera can be recycled at the end of its lifespan. 

The first step of the Product Design Object Autopsy was tearing down our chosen object. I selected a Zorki-6 film camera to better understand how it works and because I've always been interested in the intricate controls and design of cameras. 

Zorki-6 Camera Teardown Video

camera tear down _edited.png

My goal was to make the Zorki Camera more user-friendly, with straightforward controls and a lightweight, ergonomic design. Tubi is intended for beginners, like kids, tourists, and those unfamiliar with camera settings but who can easily navigate the camera's intuitive interface.

User testing and research were conducted to investigate the diverse semantic aspects of the controls, their placement on the camera body, as well as the communication of control icons and shapes. 

The Tubi camera, drawing inspiration from kaleidoscope design, operates as a mirrorless camera, powered by a rechargeable battery. Tubi is mirrorless because it exclusively relies on digital screen exploration and viewing.

Untitled_Artwork 37.jpg
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