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Op Cubes 

Individual Project 

September - December 2022

The University of Edinburgh

Brief: Create a game prototype that explores a well-known gaming genre, whether it's digital, physical, or mobile. Introduce an inventive approach to this game concept while referring to its fundamental ideology and principles.

The Op Cubes, also named the Optically Illusive Maze Cubes, are a short project I did for my Game Design course. They are inspired by the mesmerizing worlds of Monument Valley (2014) and Manifold Garden (2019) video games where players go on an immersive journey through fantastical structures and spaces augmented by optical illusions.

The Op Cubes challenge players to navigate marbles through multi-tiered cube planes, engaging their perceptual skills and spatial awareness. Designed to perplex cognitive and visual senses, they invite players to question present reality, where visual images often appear flattened by simultaneity.

op cubes spread 1 _edited.png
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