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Individual Project

January - March 2023 

Lund Univesity

Brief: Create a lamp to address a daily lighting issue within a specific social context. Develop a functional prototype with a given 1W light, ensuring optimal light output for the chosen context.


Flux is a minimalistic soldering lamp tailored for individuals working with dangerous, high-temperature equipment in dim studio environments, such as jewellery makers and soldering technicians. The lamp's construction features thick white wire and stainless steel. Its fully adjustable head moves along the lamp frame, maximizing light output with an internal magnifier in the domed head. Additional customizable steel elements on the frame conveniently hold the soldering pen and wires.

Designing the structure, shape, colour, and aesthetics of the lamp was crucial to optimize the given 1W light's potential in terms of brightness and durability. My personal goal was to enhance the lamp's elegance and simplicity, differentiating from the bulkier and less inviting appearance of existing soldering lamps.

The lighting levels required for bench work that is standard for jewellery and soldering workshops are about twice as high as for other craft fields such as wood and metalworking, resulting in accidents if lighting levels are too low. 


I chose to design a soldering luminaire as most low-cost current soldering lamps are bulky, made from plastic materials and produce a strong glare white light which exhausts the eyes. 


Flux is a sustainable lamp with a papier-mâché newspaper lampshade and a main body crafted from welded thick copper wire. The lampshade's concave design underwent experimentation with multiple paper folds to achieve a design with optimal light reflection without causing glare.


Flux provides an ideal workstation light level of 600 to 1000 LUX. The initial 1W prototype light is magnified and reflected within the lamp, generating a concentrated blue-white circle of light for the workspace, accompanied by a soft diffused illumination along the workstation's outer edges.


Future improvements include incorporating an adjustable sliding lampshade mechanism and integrating a base light switch. The goal is to achieve a collapsible design for convenient flat packing and easy assembly.

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