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Touch: 3D Eduscape
Team Project 

January - March 2023 

Lund University

Brief: Propose a redesign solution for a science museum’s mobile van by redesigning graphic elements, stations, and including accessibility features. Create an object for one of the stations to aid interaction, particularly for children, within the exhibition and educational context.


Touch is an educational texture map that was created as part of a team project for the Malmö Museum mobile van. During our visit, we discussed ideas with the mobile lab organizers, aiming to enhance the accessibility of all visitors to the van and its exhibitions. Our initial steps involved rebranding the van's appearance, designing a new logo, and proposing three types of mobile stations for the van. As part of one of the lab stations, we developed the texture map design - Touch.

Touch enables individuals with physical or visual needs to engage with the exhibition and provides a fun educational experience for younger children. This 3D texture map incorporates braille labels, textured tiles and a matching game, offering a tactile experience for all visitors. 

Our team categorised issues with the mobile van and devised a  solution proposal:

  • Branding - Revamping the logo for versatility across future exhibitions.

  • Accessibility - Replacing chairs with foldable benches, implementing adjustable and child-safe tables.

  • Adaptability - Offering users visual and auditory devices (TV screens, tablets, a 3D map).

We approached the solution by enhancing three station improvements, each catering to various forms of participation and involvement:

One side of the interactive map features an animal matching game based on skin textures and the other showcases a vibrant assortment of human cells. Bright colours were selected to assist partially visually impaired users in identifying and tracing patterns easily.

In the future, we aim to develop a customizable map version, allowing the creation and use of tiles tailored for different exhibitions.

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